Tuesday, 19 July 2016


…………………………………………………………………………………………………..FISH 'O' MANIA IN MAY 

Hello My Fishy Friends,

Once again your friendly Lion is back with a Blogbuster  trip report, I am sure you all will like it :)
This trip happened in the latter part of May and as the Holy month of RAMAZAN started immediately  in the 1st week of June and you very well know how like a devout Muslim. Lionheart only does Fasting , Prayers , Recitations and Meditations Day & Night.  Yes no fishing in the holy month ! And  right after EID once again I got very  busy,  days and weeks are flying by and  no time to pen down my trip report  so I am releasing my blog without the write up BECAUSE  all my friends and eager fans are eating my brains out :-P  always asking me as to when is my blog being uploaded and complain that about the xyz..  number of times they have read my last blog   …..LoL one guy who use to call me up at regular intervals  and ask about some clues of any upcoming blog , recently after EID he called me up and very agitatedly said " Bhai what kind of a blog are you making that's taking so long ?? Even Salman Khan's " SULTAN "has been released   and yet you say you are not ready ?? Sayed Bhai the kind of fan following you have , I suggest that you should release one blog post every month cause that will keep us busy otherwise office life is very boring ." ( very demanding )
LMAO ……..    yes they have begun to lose patience ;-P 
You know this funny bugger is an ardent fan of mine and everyday he very religiously opens my blog and enjoys his morning tea :-D
So guys keeping such senti-mental fans in mind ;-) and respecting their madness about fishing , I am forced to release my blog  without any write-up but loads and loads of Pictures will compensate for it and keep you all charged up for fishing .
***  Hey I forgot to mention that for the first time in my fishing life ;-)  this blog will display a TOPLESS picture of the SEXY Lion :-P ***

                            Policing the waters............maintaining law and order......... my local friends complained of big fish making noise and disturbing their sleep, hence I did my best to solve their problem ;-)

                                                                              Hey ! something moved there !

                                                       Let's begin with the small ones , this baby grouper was caught on light tackle and released only on the condition that it will grow up in to a handsome hunk and come back to meet me

                                                                                        Baracuda Mania begins below
                                                          My friend Aslam catches a nice Baracuda but still looks to be in angry mood :-P says he wants to hit Mr Charcoal with a live Baracuda :-0

                                                               Well I don't share my fish with the dogs until all the flesh is stripped clean from it

                                                                 Baracudas were coming thick and fast

                                                       Ka**ri is not the only place you get Barracudas :-P there are 7 places in Konkan which has good size Cudas ;-)

                                               RUPA hai mere paas !  RUPA frontline ! yeh araam ka mamla hai ;-) 
If you are looking at my sexy body and wondering what do I do to stay  fit ? then let it be known that I don't do any Yoga ! I just pray five times every day and do lots of hard work and trekking on my fishing trips and the main secret of my sexy body is my Voracious Appetite of Female FISH  ;-) 

     The climate was so Hot that all the Holy Cows decided to spend the night out on the bridge, when I passed by them I called out " Good Morning Mom " they were not in a mood to reply :-p looks like the unholy mosquitoes had feasted all night. lol...

                                                     Big Daddy Bull was also seen after his morning shower,  walking away in an angry mood , perhaps he was upset about his harem being empty at night :-P

                                                                         The good old Buffalo Maushi and her daughter were calm and cool at home  
                                 ( one of the locals house where I stayed )  I love to stay with the poor locals as I have bonded with them like a family and I am always welcome in any part of Konkan its me who gets confused as to accept whose invitation first :-D 
No game is tough if the Reward is Enough :-D 

Do what you Love and Love what you Do

Jack of all Trades and Master of none :-P  

                                                         My friend Aslam is one happy Mamu ;-)

                                   No ! he is not a saint and Mr Charcoal will confirm that  ;-P ....LOL

                                       Fishing is such a hard work :-(  whole night of fishing gives you only two sacks full of fish :-(  
                                                                                     Large piece of a boneless Fillet from a 2.5kg Red Snapper---> Yummyyy :-p

                                     Next time you come across such signs of Death & Destruction tread very cautiously as you are in lion territory  ;-)    

                                                                                                        Red Snapper Mania begins below 

 One important point I would like to bring to the notice of all you guys is that "  Honest and Ethical Anglers will always keep his elbows bent and the fish close to his body while displaying his catches while dishonest anglers will straighten their hands and push the fish directly towards the Camera to make it appear Big " one of my gareeb chela regularly does that :-p shame ! shame ! 

                                                                 This wild Beauty was very violent in the hooking game, she nearly broke my rod tip before she came on my lap  ;-) 

My Haters send this Scorpion to kill me , but it died instantly after biting me ...LOL...  I am more deadly than the Black Mamba and those fools know not !  :-p 
                                                                                                    Barramundi Mania begins below
                                                                   Aslam is all smiles when he catches a Barramundi

                                                                              Fishing also involves lifting heavy weights 

                                           At one point the Barramundis seem to compete with each other to take our lures

    My lures are so very yummy , this Silver Beauty was so madly sucking my lure that its mouth was torn but still it wasn't  ready to let go my Sexy lure

                                                                        Thank you O ALMIGHTY LORD for all the Bounties that thou bestow on us 
                               Kill Enemies with your Success and Bury them with a Smile :-D

Bye guys see you again as and when Time & Tide permits me :-)

"The fish and I were both stunned and disbelieving to find ourselves connected by a line."--->William Humphrey